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High-Definition Multimedia Inferface cables are the highest quality way to deliver digital audio and video from your DVD player or game system to your TV.  You might need an HDMI splitter or switch for your entertainment system.

If you have multiple HDMI devices that you need to connect to a single TV then you should get an HDMI switch. A switch takes multiple inputs such as a DVD player, cable box, computer or game system and has a single output to go to a TV. A switch will take up to 5 inputs.

In order to display an HD signal on multiple TVs you need an HDMI splitter. You connect your HDMI source device to the input and then run HDMI cables from the outputs to all of the TVs. A splitter is for store displays, restaurants, and home use. An HDMI splitter is available with up to 8 outputs and you can cascade more then one splitter together. We also offer a selection of other audio and video switches and splitters.

For more complex situations there is a HDMI splitter and switch combination device. This device takes the properties of an HDMI splitter in that it will send signal up to 4 different TVs. It also acts like a switch in that you can have up to 4 different inputs. This splitter and switch combo device, which is called a True Matrix, lets you choose what source you want on what TV.

If you want to have a nice looking home theater room you will probably want to run your cabling inside the walls. In order to do that you will need to look at a variety of wall plates. There are two main types of HDMI wall plates. The first type is a pigtail coupler; it takes up the entire wall plate and has an HDMI connector in the front and a short HDMI coupler in the wall that you could connect a regular HDMI cable to.

The other type of HDMI wall plate is a keystone coupler, which has an HDMI, jack on both the front and back that you can plug standard HDMI cables in to. The keystone jack its self fits into standard keystone wall plates. This type of wall plate can take up to 6 different keystone jacks of different types. A wall plate will fit on to a regular breakout box like what you would use for a light switch or power plugs. The plates are available in white or ivory.

Check out the large selection of high quality HDMI splitters, switches, cables and wall plates at discount prices. We offer a lifetime warranty on cables and wall plates and a one year warranty on electronics such as splitters and switches.